The snow has arrived. Check out the pictures taken in the valley. We are getting excited about the winter


What’s happening

this Winter 18-19?

Grand Massif Improvements

Last year the top of the Tête de Saix summit was quite literally blown off. This was to improve the skiing experience and the safety of what was a horrible rat run, it is now a nice wide-open piste.

Check out the revised piste map

Check out the revised piste map

The “new” Tête de Saix - now a wide open piste

The “new” Tête de Saix - now a wide open piste

Improvements at the Lodge at Samoens

Everyone has loved the new kitchen, bathroom, fireplace and lounge stairs, making it even more of a home in the mountains.

This year we have continued with further upgrades to the dining area, bedrooms and the garage where we have added a gym and a dedicated laundry area to the space. We also have a nice new outdoor hot tub with magnificent mountain views and signed up to Ski-Lib who can offer a morning and evening transfer service to and from the slopes.

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Andrew Ashworth

The Lodges, 14 Milton Crescent, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 1NU